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Alex Ferrario

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Fighting Gone

                A big ordeal has taken place in the NHL due to all the injuries taking place in the league, fighting. Many of the head honchos in the league are pursuing eliminating fighting in hockey for good.

                Commissioner Gary Bettman and all the owners of the team have had meetings all year long about trying to end fighting to take care of the athlete’s careers as well as their health. To me, I don’t feel like fighting is the main issue in the league. The more pressing issue at hand that the NHL needs to look at is the concussion issues. There are some players in the league that are just on the ice to injure other players. They feel that their role on the team is the instigator, to take down other players before they score the game winner. This is the problem b/c the league has tried to suspending players and fining them but then they come back and are right back at the game. They need to show these players that they mean business and aren’t going to allow this, perhaps suspension for the year, or play without pay. Something to let these players know that if this keeps happening then they won’t be in the league anymore.

                Fighting in hockey has always been a tradition, Players fight in games to release anger and tension in the game. If you take away fighting, you then take away what most of the fans enjoy about the game. And with a struggling business trying to gain back its popularity, losing fans is not what they want done.


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