Blog #4

Alex Ferrario

April 12

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Blog Post 4

                With the Cardinals Home Opener only a day away and watching the first couple road games for the team at the beginning of the season, there are positives and negatives on this team. Coming into the season after losing Tony La Russa and Albert Pujols most people thought that this team would struggle, especially with a new manager who has never coached in the majors before. Being so, and with the start to the season so far, there are a few new outlooks for the rest of this long season for the Birds.

                Some positives that stick right out to me are the additions to this team. No, not free agency additions, although the team did add All-Star Outfielder Carlos Beltran for two years. I’m talking about the head coach and returning players. The returning players include Adam Wainwright who comes back from a season ending surgery last year. This is like going out to spend Pujols money to a team who already has a talented bullpen and rotation to begin with. Add in the new head coach, who yes has not coached before, but he played the most knowledgeable position in baseball behind the plate. And did so with the Cardinals. Another player to remember is David Freese. He emerged as one of the best in the game in the World Series and will hope to carry over into this season.

                The negatives aren’t as pending but they can leave a gaping hole in the team chemistry. First you lost two players, La Russa who has been with this team for 16 years, and Pujols who has been with the team for 11. One thing you have to hope for is that these two losses do not ruin the chemistry. You pray that a couple players step up in the locker room and help out wherever they can. This is a young team that has to have leadership to keep going. Also, your bullpen, this was the scariest area all year long last year. It is something that is young and still growing and looking to find its place in the team. One thing to watch will be how Matheny uses this bull-pen and in which roles.

                We are three games into the season and as Sinatra says, “The Best is Yet to Come”. But hopefully for Cardinals fans, that best can result in not only a twelfth championship for the team. But also a team that can easily forget about the hole that was left by Albert and Tony and can find new filling to put in every game day.


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