Blog #3

Alex Ferrario

April 6

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Blog Post 3

                The Blues making the Playoffs this year is a big accomplishment and move in the right direction for this team. They have not been to the playoffs for four years and haven’t won a game for nine years so entering this year most fans expected this team to struggle to make it in. But they went well beyond that achievement by accomplishing the number two seed in the western conference and almost the best record in the league. Among many individual accomplishments the players and coaches made, the playoffs are the cream of the crop with this team.

                For a team that has been nearing bankruptcy, new ownership, and rebuilding of a team the fans have been dying to see some entertainment and action. And over the years, they have witnessed the growth of some excellent players and the moves of the coaching staff and the front office position. But the real mind-blower has to be the fan support. This year alone, the team has sold out over 95 percent of its games and has received media attention from all over the county for their outstanding season.

                And now entering the playoffs the fans are looking for more. Now they can’t expect this team to push for the Stanley Cup, but what they can expect out of these playoff games are gaining experience and help for the future. This team is young but even though they are, they will still build the knowledge of how to play in the playoffs and begin their contention of dominance each year.


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