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Bounty Gate Scandal

                Talking about the Bounty Scandal is a large topic in St. Louis today. Not because it is a scandal in NFL, but because it’s a scandal that is affecting the new defense of the St. Louis Rams. I was surprised when I first heard about the scandal that took place in the NFL.

                The scandal resulted from 2009 when the New Orleans Saints organization was discovered for putting bounties on opponent’s heads. The defensive coordinator at the time and Rams current coordinator Gregg Williams was the man behind the bounty. He was caught, on recording, telling his player’s specific names on the other team, that if they take these players out then they will be getting paid. What was even more stressful for the NFL was the fact that the head coach and general manager of the organization knew about all of this and didn’t step in. All three were suspended; head coach and general manager were suspended for the 2011-12 season while Williams, new Rams coordinator, is suspended indefinitely.

                Most are making big deals out of the suspensions that took place but in my opinion, I feel that the suspensions were justified. Something like this in a high sports organization should not be having players doing such things as trying to injure the other players. Head Commissioner Roger Goodell, makes it a pinpoint that the NFL is a family. But how can they keep getting notice as being the best sports game ever. Many children look up to these players as role models and how does it look if they are injuring players.

                So I would have to agree with the suspensions and hopefully these involved can learn from the mistake they made. And if they are brought back into the NFL, then they will have to earn their commendation and trust back from Goodell and the NFL.



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